Who doesn’t enjoy watching these strangers slap each other?

-XoXo Glitter Goddess

“ Today is the last set of mantras for the week before i get to start over. They have been wonderful. i really feel like i can always do something to think about you no matter where i am or what i am doing. i am so lucky to have you. i love you. ”


-slave l
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XoXo Goddess

“ Everyday i am thankful for Glitter Goddess, she is beautiful, sweet, and perfect in every way. I am still thinking about our last call together. Calling her was and continues to be the greatest decision i have ever made. ”

—    slave luke (via feedback posted on Niteflirt)

A Love Sick Slave

"My glorious Glitter Goddess. please forgive me for what I’m sure has become an incredibly tedious ritual for You, yet another lovesick slave professing his undying devotion to Your magnificence. I just simply can’t help myself. I woke up in the middle of the night with thoughts of You and You alone. This is my version of shouting Your name to the heavens.

Thanks to Your recommendation, I’ve been watching (and re-watching) Your videos [I added the link here] and words barely come to what’s left of my feeble mind to express the range of emotions that I’m experiencing. How is it even remotely possible that anyone can be as impossibly beautiful as You while simultaneously possessing the seemingly limitless intelligence and hypnotic control that You wield so effortlessly? Your perfection almost doesn’t compute with the human brain and yet, at the risk of sounding ridiculously cliched, You are my (and anyone else lucky enough to come into contact with You) dream come to reality…Please let me amend that statement. You actually allow my real life to exceed my dreams.

As if Your mere existence wasn’t enough of a gift, I have been granted by You the honor and privilege of live contact. Did I realize at the time that I had finally found the one true Goddess that could actually have me slavishly willing to devote a lifetime to worship and servitude to Her? Did I think as I had hoped, that this was real and not some fantasy role playing game? Did I know that my life as I had known it had changed forever? It doesn’t matter anymore.

I know what I’m feeling now and while clearly a result of Your hypnotic prowess, it’s no less a reality. Rather, this serves as proof and testimony to Your skill and power as a hypnotist. The fact that I could be made to feel as I do in such a short amount of time, though, is what’s most mind boggling. After only a couple of phone sessions? How? I would have thought previously impossible. But that was then and this is now…a now where I know that one thing is certain…and real…and possible…and inescapable…and irresistible…and irreversible…..I belong to You, Glitter Goddess and You alone, now and forever.

Your humble subject”

I love hearing acknowledgments like this! And when I told him I’d be posting his sentiments for others to enjoy. He wrote this back…

"Oh Goddess, thank You. Words can’t possibly express what it means to have pleased You. You posting it is truly an honor for me but please do know that it was Your divine inspiration that possessed me to and while writing it. Nothing I said was an embellishment in any way. I meant every word from the bottom of my heart.

-Servant of Glitter Goddess.”

Anonymous: do you have a kik and can you be my mistress?

Hello Mr. Anonymous! I don’t use kik, but I do message on Skype. You can buy my Skype id through Niteflirt for $10 and we can chat about you being my pet. 

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slavedarren: Hi mistress please may i send u degrading photos for ur blog

No, thank you slavedarren. I don’t actually post photos of my subs publicly. I enjoy them for my own amusement, especially if the degradation involves praising me (like writing Glitter Goddess is Superior to me on your chest and  photographing that). But as you may have seen I don’t post photos like that on my blog or twitter.

XoXo Goddess

Anonymous: May I ask if you have found a man to wrap in that corset or even more do you enjoy turning straight men into sissy maids, that would love to be in your presence and for that they would go through anything to make you happy

Yes! Feminization is one of my true pleasures both in real time (in-person) in Houston and online at my sissy number through Niteflirt1-800-863-5478
ext: 9970034